Anyone, Anytime,Any business scene!

Reasonably utilize our multimedia studio which is ideal for various business situatioins! With a wide variety of advanced equipment/facility, it can flexibly be used for various kinds of production according to your situations; to take still photgraphs and videos, as well as various PR tools and packages.

What's digitudio


We have fused databases and a multimedia studio with various functions/facility related to creative activities. Our innovative and latest services have made high-spec studio works affordable. Now you can casually carry them out.

Production Guide

Our studio with a large site of 1,322 ㎡ is fully-equipped with a green back studio, shooting studio with white walls, kitchen studio, video editing room, and recording room, etc. We will provide you with detailed information about our various shooting/recording/lighting equipment, as well as reasonable usage fees, access, and terms of use.

Case Study

A wide variety of business models utilizing functions of "digitudio"

Case 1 sanchoku studio

Targetting the direct-production industry, logistics database and studio production have been collaborated. Now we can offer one-stop service to make proposal data which are needed to register/search products, as well as PR tools including sizzling still photographs, catalogs, advertisements, packages, and video commercials which are indispensable to improve product images!