What's digitudio

What is the digitudio business?

Digitudio (digital data studio) offers one-stop production service, utilizing our dedicated studio and membership database.
Digitudio' s business framework can meet merchandizing of various industries/companies,
such as customer management, product management, and mail-order sales.
At digitudio's dedicated studio, you can produce multimedia contents for various kinds of media in one stop.

What can be produced at digitudio

  • ・Take/process photographs
  • ・Shoot/edit videos
  • ・Multilingualization
  • ・EC site
  • ・Web site
  • ・E-learning / Deliver video contents
  • ・YouTube videos
  • ・LP page
  • ・App
  • ・VR videos
  • ・3DCG
  • ・Digital signage
  • ・Music production
  • ・Electronic catalog
  • ・Catalogs
  • ・Leaflets
  • ・Posters
  • Others

Business alliance with the studio / equipment sales, etc.

Details of the business alliance

Sales of photographic equipment
Panda Studio, lighting
Rental of photographic equipment
Panda Studio, lighting
Shooting operation
Panda Studio, lighting