Case Study

Develop various business models,
unlike ordinary multimedia studios

We accumulate materials produced at our studio in our database,
and offer one-stop service for various kinds of multimedia productions such as advertisements and commercial videos, aiming for developing a wide variety of businesses in various industries.

Case 1


Our Sanchoku-Studio is a membership service with dedicated studio production that connects sellers and buyers all over Japan.
Dedicated studios offer one-stop content creation for any media.
In particular, it is a standard service for taking photos of products and making videos.

Sanchoku-Studio / Member benefits

  • 01Members (sellers/buyers) can produce/manage various contents in one stop, making good use of our dedicated studio!
  • 02Utilize as a management tool for your everyday business!
  • 03Buyers can search direct-produced products from all over Japan!
  • 04Sellers can always sell their products through virtual exhibitions!
  • 05Among members, you can stock or negotiate with each other in one stop!

Sanchoku-Studio / Standard membership services

  • Our dedicated Web page
    We offer integrated information management for business transactions, including registrating/searching product information, and making proposal data.
  • Product photo
    Only with a monthly membership fee, you can produce various kinds of product photographs, including image/sizzeling/catalog photo.
  • Cooking video
    You can produce various kinds of videos to improve impression of your products, such as commercial videos.

How to utilize

  • ・As a product management tool (manage product / make estimates and proposal documents)
  • ・As a business tool (for product demonstrations, as catalogs, and to multilingualize)
  • ・Collaborate with EC sites
  • ・Operate SNS
  • ・Diverse into YouTube
  • ・Prepare for exhibitions (make presentation videos, leaflets, etc.)
  • ・Keep creating the latest catalogues/leaflets
  • ・As the source of the CI branding (through our dedicated web page)
  • ・Utilize photos and videos for your in-house training
  • ・Utilize as product manuals

And in many other ways.